Rob Grasa

What did you do with life before Revival Art?   

I owned and operated a travel company for ‘off the beaten path’ adventures, where the focus was connecting travelers with locals in rural parts of Southeast Asia, while exploring national parks.


What do you love most about working at Revival Art?  

We have an incredible vision for an artist village that we step closer toward each year.  The concept is to help the local community where the village is created, situated in a developing region within Asia, and create a forum for cultural exchange among artists worldwide.


What is your favourite painting/ piece of work?  

Portrait of Gerti Schiele, by Egon Schiele.  I love the simple elegance in Gerti’s pose set against a somewhat vacant backdrop, and the story of how Egon Schiele was friends with Klimt, whose inspiration can be found in this painting.


What secret skill do you have that no one knows about?  

To look into the future, decide where I want to be, and then through some miracle of the universe, more or less live the dream.


What’s your brush with celebrity?  

In our very first exhibition for Revival Art held in southern France, I sold a painting to American model and actress Jerry Hall, mostly known for her long-term relationship with Mick Jagger.  She had a distinct charm about her, and it was a pleasure discussing the local art piece she was buying for her home.