Toby Metcalfe


What did you do with life before Revival Art?  

Having spent four winters as a sponsored skier and retail manager in Whistler, Canada and four summers traveling the globe, I returned to the UK to enter the business world taking a position with Aston Carter, the UK’s market leader for recruitment within IT and Investment banking markets.


I excelled with the firm, winning many major clients and developing key relationships in one of the most competitive business environments in the world.   


What do you love most about working at Revival Art?  

There are many things but the best is probably the attitude of my colleagues, every day is filled with optimism and new ideas about how to make what we do even better, I don't think I have heard anyone in the company say "no".


What is your favourite painting/ piece of work? 

The Tenth Wave by Ivan Aivazovsky, I suppose for me this is a beautiful representation of a tragic event, the conflict between the eyes and the mind added to the fact that Aivazovsky was an extremely talented artist, make this particular piece stand out for me.


What secret skill do you have that no one knows about?  

Believe it or not, I am in fact a qualified plumber!


What’s your brush with celebrity?  

My life in Whistler exposed me to quite a few celebrities, but the most memorable was definitely when the king of Saudi Arabia turned up to buy skis in a shop where I was working.  His entourage of about 60 people including, if I remember correctly, 7 of his wives and a performing dwarf, stayed in the shop for 8 hours!!!