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63 pictures in Abstract - Groupings
The Mangrove Forest 12FCST0045
Dried leaves 2 12FCST0038
Dried leaves 1 12FCST0037
Sleeping Trees 12SZGP0011
Clouds of all colours 12SZGP0010
An Idea Forming 12SZGP0009
Windows on the world 12SZGP0008
Seasons of the land 12SZGP0006
Canyon Waterfalls 12SZGP0005
Under the eyes of the Emperor 12SZGP0004
Posts in the current 12szGP0003
Flowing along 12SZGP0002
Prosperity 12SZGP0001
Spanish Siesta 12FCGP0051
The Technologist's Mind 12FCGP0049
Paper Moons 12FCGP0048
Frozen Earth 12FCGP0047
Fired Earth 12FCGP0046
In search of treasure 12FCGP0045
Winter Fortress 12FCGP0044
Ice Dragon 12FCGP0043
Bright Autumn Sky 12FCGP0042
The passing of time 12FCGP0041
Incognito 12FCGP0040
Predator in the Snow 2 12FCGP0037
Predator in the Snow 1 12FCGP0036
The courtyard door 5 12FCGP0050
The courtyard door 4 12FCGP0039
The courtyard door 3 12FCGP0038
The courtyard door 2 12FCGP0035
The courtyard door 1 12FCGP0034
The Ivory Scroll 12FCGO0033
Singing in the trees 2 12FCST0151
Singing in the trees 1 12FCGP0032
The Installation 12FCGP0031
The Sea Garden 12FCGP0030
Dancing Circles 12FCGP0029
The Picnic Table 12FCGP0028
The Emerald Island 2 12FCGP0027
The Emerald Island 1 12FCGP0026
The Cherry tree near Edo 12FCGP0025
Her Secret 12FCGP0023
The Geometrician's Mind 12FCGP0024
The Historian's Mind 12FCGP0022
The Mathematician's mind 12FCGP0021
The Inventor's mind 12FCGP0014
Flora and Fauna 12FCGP0020
Red Rose Window 12FCGP0019
Naturalism 2 12FCGP0018
Naturalism 1 12FCGP0017
Exhibition Hall 2 12FCGP0013
Exhibition Hall 1 12FCGP0012
White Poppies 12FCGP0011
The Drifting Tiles 12FCGP0010
In from the fields 1 12FCGP0009
The Distant Land 12FCGP0008
Abundant with Fruit 12FCGP0007
The Long Seed Trees 12FCGP0006
Sunrise over the Harbour 12FCGP0005
Horizon Line 2 12FCGP0004
Horizon Line 1 12FCGP0003
Nine Mosaic Tiles 2 12FCGP0002
Nine Mosaic Tiles 1 12FCGP0001