Mirrors and soft lighting: the perfect partnership

Increasingly, many of our clients, especially large hotel chains, want to expand the feeling of space in a room and bring in more light to areas that are less well lit. This can be a challenge with today’s energy saving light bulbs, which tend to give off less light than older incandescent light bulbs. Stylish, contemporary mirrors provide the solution. They maximize light reflection by improving the room’s sense of space while adding a touch of luxury. Dark unused corners, entrances and nooks can be transformed with a well placed mirror.


Glass thickness: worthy of careful consideration

An often-overlooked factor in selecting the perfect mirror is the thickness of the glass itself. Selecting the thinnest glass, while cheaper, can actually detract from its effectiveness to reflect light. As a rule of thumb the thicker the glass in the mirror, the better quality for true, undistorted reflections and luminosity (apparent brightness). The difference in cost between 3mm and 5mm glass is minimal, so we urge clients to consider thicker glass. 


An outstanding range: extensive options for all sizes of orders 

We can manufacture thousands of different types of mirrors that vary in size, shape and design. Due to the nature of custom sizing for commercial purposes, order volumes generally begin at 200 units per frame style, and we do not carry stock. Smaller orders of 50 to 100 units can be accommodated, and for efficiency we look to co-ship with larger orders to keep transportation costs to a minimum.


Framing: the finishing touch

We offer full services to clients to ensure they select the right frame. This involves not only finding the best design, but also the correct structural integrity. For example, a larger mirror may fall through the bottom of a frame that isn’t large or robust enough to support the weight of the glass.