Revival Art uses professional grade, quadruple-coated, 12oz canvases as our standard. However, we are happy to accommodate specific requests.


Our canvases are selected from the highest quality materials. We combine the durability of cotton with the superior paint finish of linen, carefully blending them at the optimum ratio of 45% cotton to 55% linen.


Cotton is more flexible and easier to stretch to a higher tension without straining the wooden supporting frame. Linen is a better quality material to apply paint to, thanks to its strength and resistance to decay. Since linen is woven from flax, the weave appears throughout the many layers of paint, adding richness and depth.


In addition, our canvases undergo a quadruple-coat sealing, sizing and priming process to maximise the paint adherence and lifespan of the canvas. This protects the piece from the degenerative effects of oil paint as well as providing proper support and adherence of oil, acrylic and alkyd paints. This step is an essential part of producing our high quality products.