Aluminium / Acrylic / Erico

These are the high end versions of print.


Erico PVC Panels: When using our standard 8mm thickness, this product is virtually indestructible. It can wipe clean directly on the surface, using a cloth with no solvents.  The product absorbs the ink into the surface for a robust finish.


Aluminium Composite: Good for some art, not all. Our printed aluminium composites can look very polished and modern when matched with the right design, they offer a unique, ultra premium finish. As not every design works well printed on aluminium we suggest that client should work with an interior designer to ensure their project achieves the best results possible.  As a standard we use a 5mm aluminum composite panel


Acrylic:  Printed on back of glass, so front side can be wiped clean.  Can be lit from behind for a unique and creative effect. As a standard we use a 6mm optical acrylic.